Steel Cut Oatmeal Raisin Muffins Recipe

Here’s one to add to your steel cut oats recipe list.  These steel cut oatmeal raisin muffins are especially tasty.



Put in muffin paper and cook for about 15 - 25 min @ 350 degrees. Let sit until cool and then enjoy.

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Should the oats be cooked first? I have steel cut oats every morning and wonder if the oats will be like gravel in the muffins if not cooked first.

There are no eggs or salt or liquid except for the oil. Is this recipe correct or are there items missing?

I was concerned that the muffins wouldn’t turn out very moist (especially if the oats weren’t cooked), so I added one beaten egg and 3/4 cup milk and they turned out great!

“1 cup flower (unbleached)” What type of flower? I like sunflowers so I’ll try them.

The second ingredient, I am confused what is “flower”.

steel oats are very hard,,how would i make them sofe to use in the muffin???

thank you maxie

the second ingredient is FLOUR, not flower.

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