Oatmeal Diet Experiement

Like most people, my life is pretty hectic.  Between work and family, my time is all but gone.  I don’t have a problem making healthy food choices while at home, however when out it can be difficult to make good nutritional choices.  These poor choices have finally caught up to me over the past year as I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and no longer look like I used.  So, I’m going to start the new year off right and get back in control of my diet and body.

My experiment is going to be three meals of steel cut oats everyday combined with either a protein source or almonds/natural nut butters.  I’m also going to include a colon cleansing product that several of my friends have urged me to try.  They’ve experienced excellent results using this product so I’m going to include that into regimen.  I’ve decided to include a current picture so that I’ll have an accurate way of measuring progress.  Wish me Luck!

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