Oatmeal Diet Update

After beginning the Oatmeal Diet experiment a little over two months ago, I can now say that I’m back.  I’ve lost about 30lbs and feel absolutely wonderful.  The change has been quite drastic and I’ve suprised quite a few people including myself.  I can’t describe the emotional boost I get from everyone commenting on how good I look. I’ve even noticed some attention from a younger man as I was doing my weekly grocery shopping (though I won’t mention it to the husband). I’ll let the results speak for themselves.



My Regimen

Steel Cut Oats w/ Berries

1 scoop protein

Power Colon Cleanse


Steel Cut Oats w/bananas

2 scoops natural peanut butter


Steel Cut Oats w/Cinnamon and Splenda

Chicken garden salad

Power Colon Cleanse

I was about two weeks into the diet when I added the Power Colon Cleanse in.  Within a week I noticed an immediate difference in energy and overall sense of well being.  It also seemed to really help speed up the weight loss.  After all my years of eating, the colon cleanse was well overdue. I can honestly say that without this added in my results would not have been nearly as dramatic.

Overall the diet itself is pretty boring but I did allow myself to cheat a couple times a week which helped keep me sane.  Now that I’ve lost the weight, I’ve found that I don’t have to be nearly as strict as I was in the beginning. For now I’m fairly satisfied with where I’m at and I hope to be able to maintain.

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